Behind the lens...

Hey friend! It’s me, Ashley, the woman behind The Coe Collective. I was born and raised in Northwest Iowa, and I am currently calling it my home. I get to marry my best friend, Joseph, in October this year—the beginning of our greatest adventure.

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer with a passion for telling stories. I have a degree in Writing, with my specialty being non-fiction, memoir-based narratives. Now, instead of putting pen to paper to tell these real-life stories, I’ve picked up a camera!

A photographer friend told me I had a good eye for capturing moments, and she encouraged me to make a go of this business. I just started shooting anything and everything, and then people started asking me to shoot them.

Three years in, and I have no regrets. My passion for finding beauty in chaos and seeking out authentic love stories has grown. Your imperfections, your quirks, your love is what makes magic happen, and I love being there for it.

Let’s tell your story, together.


2018 Travel Schedule

I love traveling and exploring new places. Though most of my time is spent in Northwest Iowa, I love exploring the rest of my state and the Midwest. My favorite location to visit is the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I will take any excuse to be back up there time and again. See where I’m headed this year:

June 8 – 10 | Twin Cities, Minnesota

June 29 – July 1 | Nashville, Tennessee

July 7 – 8 | Des Moines, Iowa

July/August TBD | Twin Cities, Minnesota

If your city isn't on the list, give me a shout!
I'd love to come see you in your element.