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hi! my name is ashley

and I'm a midwest wedding + documentary photographer.

I married my best friend in October of 2018. Together, we daydream of owning an acreage some day with a field of wild flowers, a veggie garden, and maybe some baby goats and chickens.

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ashley + joseph

meet me

fun facts

meet me

I believe cups of coffee are like warm hugs. I've turned into an iced coffee all year round kind of gal. Coffee is always better with friends.

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coffee + hugs

fun facts

meet me

The most important thing I've learned in life is this: I am human. And it's the most beautiful thing. Humanity on display. That's what you'll find here. 

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fun facts

I feed people. I can trace this through the matriarchs in my family. It’s who we are. There's always room for more at our tables.

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crowded tables

meet me

fun facts

meet me

Your priceless memories deserve to live offline. I fill my home with albums + prints. I make it easy for you to do the same.

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print your photos

fun facts

From one human to another, the greatest gift we can give each other is to see and be seen.

seeing daily. together.

there is space for you here. 

The way you show love? It’s enough.
It’s worthy of being documented.
Whoever you love, wherever you love,
however you love, 

You, exactly as you are, are enough. For me. For my camera. For you. 

your love story is worthy of being preserved.

I hope you know you will never have to perform for me. You don’t need to put on a show for me. You are not another like on Instagram for me. 

I hope that some day your grandchildren have no idea who I am, but that they have so many tangible memories of you to go along with the stories they’ve heard. 


That the wrinkles form because you lived a beautiful life and the memories have been etching themselves into your skin. I hope that at the end of your days, you have a photo with your nose crinkled in laughter, with tissues clutched to your chest, with your partner wiping tears from your eyes. I hope that photo gets the honor of being set out in your memory. 

It is my dearest hope that when you spend time in front of my camera you leave with laugh lines on your face. 

my philosophy

better together. period.

It is my commitment to actively learn about and support the communities my clients are part of - from the queer community to BIPOC and everyone in between. I am committed to representing your diversity and lived experience in the way you express it to me. Reflecting on my own privilege, combined with actively listening to your experiences, gives us the ability to represent the reality of your life in these images. Together, we will make memories and photographs that celebrate every part of you. These graphics are a public symbol of my commitment to treating all folks with grace, dignity, and respect in my corner of the world. My commitment to showcasing love, all love, and in its truest, most honest form.

As a wedding + lifestyle photographer, the experiences you bring to me are deeply personal, deeply meaningful. I believe every story matters. 

my commitment

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